Sunrise packaging produces one-way valve coffee bags for all types of coffee products such as ground coffee, green coffee beans, dark roasted coffee packaging. We provide an array of one-way valve coffee bags sizes, shapes, and holding capabilities to cater to custom requirements of all our clients. 

Our one-way valve coffee valve bags are designed for better freshness and sealing. Easily fill and store products. A degassing valve also vents the buildup of CO2 gas that fresh roasted coffee gives off for about seven days after the roasting process is complete. In addition, it keeps moisture, oxygen and contaminants away from degrading the quality of the coffee.

The-one-way valve coffee bag prevents oxygen entry while maximizing freshness and flavor and helps lock in the mesmerising aroma of the coffee efficiently. Combined with our state of the art printing capabilities, these coffee valve bags can be uniquely customised in shape and design as per requirements.


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